KX is a young, creative collective based in the port city of Rotterdam. The collective is active in various industries, including art, clothing, music and events.


In 2009, Mitchel Samson and Yassir Bouhou started a clothing line with a limited edition of shirts. Over the years, changed their style of playful pop art for designs with sleek, minimalistic character. A large part of the design is done by graphic designer Anthony van de Vijver. The designs he makes for KX often have a deeper message than they radiate at first sight. The collection from 2014 is based on the words “Honor, Loyalty and Respect”. The inspiration for the collection comes from the classical warriors and their mentality. The garments include a limited edition. The products cannot be reordered. Many current designs are based on the broad cultural background of the collective and Rotterdam.


In that same year they also made a great creative contribution to the Rotterdam nightlife scene by organizing a number of well-attended club nights in i.a. BIRD and the former TwentySix. KX makes the effort to combine music and clothes together in a whole new way. They presented their own deejays and artists in the form of KX bookings mid 2016. The KX men hope to inspire the world with their unique style. We are all kings and free to express ourselves.