Sammie (Sammie Sedano) is of Surinam descent. He was born in Rotterdam and grew up in the center of the port city. Since he was a kid Sammie has had a lot of love for his city, Rotterdam. That’s why he never sat in and he prefers day and night on the street. He has seen a lot and learned from his city.

In 2013 Sammie started the project Trill Pack with producer Jack Diamond. Trill pack is a three mini EP, which contains four songs that serve as testers for the listeners. The testers will be concluded with a bundled tape consisting of 12 tracks. The improved sound was noticed quickly by State Magazine and and they decided to release Trill Pack II and III very soon.

Sammie is a true, pureblood MC and entertainer. In addition to his music, he is also active as an MC and host at festivals and club nights. His innovative sound represents the new generation of artists from Rotterdam. Sedano’s music is often compared to today’s ‘Trap’ and ‘Trill’ artists from New York and London. At this time Sammie is working on his debut album with Jack Diamond and Dayle. This will be released before the end of 2016.